the mystery of 2:30 am (MST)

what is it about 2:30 am that wakes me?  i can go to bed at 8:00 and wake up at 2:30.  i can go to bed at midnight and still wake up at 2:30.  i don’t wake up to ringing phones or alarm clocks.  it even takes time for me to wake up if the fire alarm goes off in my building.  so why am i waking up at 2:30?

i can’t find anything on Google that happens at that hour of the day/night ANYWHERE.  yet i wake up EVERY night at that time.  it doesn’t matter how tired i am or how long i’ve been asleep.  2:30 am rolls around and BOOM – i’m awake.

going back to sleep is no simple feat, either.  most nights at best i will cat-nap until 4:30 when i get up for work.  and that’s Monday thru Friday.  weekends are even more fun to wake up at that hour when there is NO REASON AT ALL to get up until at least the sun comes up.

i’ve tried melatonin.  i’ve tried milder sleep aids.  even muscle relaxers.  no good.  i will still wake up at 2:30.  [ok, to be honest, it’s not EXACTLY 2:30.  might be 2:28 or 2:37 – but basically we’re talking 2:30 am]

this little mystery is beyond frustrating.  if i was just waking up at some hour during the night for some obnoxious bodily function, i might be able to accept this better.  but to just wake up – fully alert – at the same time night after night after night is AGGRAVATING!  by the time 4:30 comes, i’m frustrated and fatigued.  maybe i should just get up and go to work two hours early.

i am not, repeat NOT happy about this.