If You Haven’t Visited These 2 Pages, Then You Are Missing an Incredible Opportunity!!

Ok folks. Roll up your sleeves and start using offered resources to get more readers. If you don’t … we won’t even go there.

Dream Big, Dream Often

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About a week or so ago two blogs joined forces on a mission to help other bloggers gain more exposure: Michael’s Origins and Most Blogging.  The idea as I understand it is to share other’s articles on Reddit and Stumbleupon as a way of gaining more views and followers.

I have no experience with either platform but quickly became a believer this past weekend.  Michael shared my post and I received over 120 views this past weekend.  That might not seem like a ton, but for a lot of my readers that are also bloggers, that could easily surpass daily totals!  For me it represented about 7% of my weekend totals views!!

That is free exposure for my page and a huge endorsement for Michael and Janice!!

If you have any questions, as I did, you can contact either Michael or Janice through…

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The wheels on the bus really do go round and round

I must apologize, I have absolutely NO idea why I gave this post the title it has. I went to blog and that’s what came to my mind, so that’s what’s there. So, on with the show (or on with the actual post)

[The post probably should have been titled something about ‘luck‘ or ‘superstition‘.]

Friday of next week will be the 13th. Friday the 13th. I am not the superstitious type, I do not believe in luck. Actually, keeping with my faith, I don’t believe in coincidence either. [that could be its own post – if we posted faith items]

Friday the 13th. My sister was born on Friday the 13th. Ok, she was born on the 13th and I am sure from her … activities with me, I just claim it was a Friday. She was born first, so how could I know unless I got it from my parents. And that isn’t something we talked about. Them and me, I mean. Whether or not it was discussed with my siblings I have no idea. I also have no idea what day of the week I was born on … not that it matters.

I don’t have a rabbit’s foot, I don’t avoid cracks in the sidewalk, I am fine around black cats, I will walk under a ladder (if no one is on it), and the list goes on. [There’s a song … ‘And the list goes on…. The list goes on… Drums keep pounding rhythm to the brain…] When I was little and in the middle of abuseville, I believed in luck. Everyone had luck but me. Or we could just quote my father and say my life is just “luck of the draw”.

I actually do the “knock on wood” thing. But it’s more a social convention or habit. I wish something so simple could change some future event to go my way – but knocking on wood doesn’t. And, as also a social convention in some circles, I knock on my head when I say “knock on wood”. So would most of the people I work with. [a really strange bunch, but their not abusive so they must be ok]

I’ve done the Ouija board and Tarot cards. Part way into the Ouija board thing I quit. Kinda hate to admit it, but I chickened out. My nerves were getting more and more edgy – something I never want to experience again. The Tarot cards reading was a riot. My friend had me shuffle the cards then hand them back to her. She flipped over the first card – Death – upside down. She picked it back up and set the deck aside, refused to go any further. Wouldn’t tell me why – she just wouldn’t. [for what it’s worth, I silently prayed blessings over the cards as I shuffled them…] Ran into her a few days later – she said she had the throw the cards out; they never worked right after I had them. I know what I believe happened, but I will leave your interpretation of it totally in your hands.

So I’m sitting here wondering why I decided to post and why I chose this stuff to use as my post. I have no answers for you [not too surprising, if you know me] but then I don’t know that the reason is all that much important. I’m doing what I’m doing [another brilliant statement] – it’s title stands and this gets posted.

[in case your wondering, the stuff in square brackets is the abuse-memory part of my brain commenting. stuff in parentheses is just stuff in parentheses.]

New Anonymous video confirms threat to reveal 1,000 members of KKK is real & invites public to join

is it late enough in the year for me to take out my soapbox? oh well, I have anyhoo. I am proud to say I’m with this post 10000%. One of those rare places where the law is almost equal. Hate groups get to spit hate and other groups get to point them out. (wonder how many times this gets reblogged ….)

one of THOSE days

This is one of those days when i don’t want to be here. Not at work. Not at home. Not anywhere on this love-forsaken rock we call “earth”. In one day i have dealt with more homophobic, hateful rhetoric than a person should hear in their lifetime. Because NO ONE should be spreading HATEFUL LIES about ANYONE. Especially those YOU DONT EF’N UNDERTAND.

Wow. That felt good. Wish i could say it helped. But i’m not surprised. Nothing helps. Oh, some things might alleviate for a while. But i am broken beyond repair. And too damn old to worry about it any more.

i need a nice long sleep. Permanent would be nice. And don’t sweat – it’s not like i would do anything fatal to myself. i’ve thought about it too much – and with the way i screw up everything, i’d screw that up too and end up a veg not able tell anyone how much i hurt. Not even able to express it in a blog.

Life … isn’t life. It’s at most an existence in a physical plane until we are released from this prison and our soul become one with … {insert your own personal beliefs here}

one of THOSE days.

i hate them so much

Why I Am So Positive: My Life Ain’t That Bad

love finding gems of truth like this one

Dream Big, Dream Often

I had a question posed to me this week: how are you always so positive considering you have secondary progressive MS?  Well the truth is I don’t live my life in a continuous state of positivity.  I write a blog that focuses on learning how to transform oneself from an under-achiever, non-doer into a personimages (1) of organization, purpose, plan and action; full of desire and ambition.  It takes a lot of work to remain positive.

Honestly, I am more positive now in life because the alternative is not acceptable.  I will not allow myself to go to the dark side and focus on how crappy life can be, how crappy people can be, how I hate my job, how life just keeps putting it to me.  I just refuse to allow my mind to think it those terms.

Why?  Because I choose to focus very little on the negative…

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same or similar?

you’re not me
i’m not you
we’re unique individuals
our problems
they’re unique too

our symptoms
are kinda alike
a lot of patterns
of our issues
look the same

but my road isn’t your road
and your speed-bumps aren’t mine

our roads may go
the same direction
for now
we can hold hands
to help support
and call out encouragement
to one another

but i can’t carry you
and you can’t carry me

Portrait of a Man with a Mustache

Take a few minutes and listen – look at the picture. You don’t have to “study” it (though I think you’ll find a lot there if you try) — just take a few to chill and enjoy.

Art by Rob Goldstein

Portrait of a Man with a Moustache                                                       Portrait of a Man with a Mustache


Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band- I’ll Play The Fool


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