My Quotes

I am a victim of my own ignorance.

I have found great wisdom in the silence of others.

The strongest truths come from the fewest words.

Labels are nothing more than opinions we stamp on things so we can file them properly in the brain

if you fall flat on your face.
it means your were moving forward
and any progress
ANY progress
is reason enough to celebrate

I once thought people didn’t understand
I now believe people don’t listen

The past paints the future

That which doesn’t kill me
didn’t try hard enough

All survivors do not walk the same path
though we do seem to wander the same forest

11 thoughts on “My Quotes

    • I wish I could say I always thing of it anytime I’m struggling or getting back up from a fall … but I do find it true. I’m glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the visit and the read!!

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