Second Chances – a novel(ette?)

This is a story I’ve been working on … keep working on.  I think it’s coming along pretty well, though without feedback it’s hard to really know [isn’t that always the case].  The problem with protecting one’s work is you lose any good comments [if any exist] along with the bad…

Anyhoo – a work-in-progress…



Chapter 1Full Reset

Chapter 2Gym Life

Chapter 3Encounters

Chapter 4 – Forgotten Gifts

Chapter 5 – Price Of A Song

Chapter 6 – Back In The Dating Pool

Chapter 7 – Charlie’s

Chapter 8 – Subject To Change

Chapter 9 – Against The Odds

Chapter 10 – Chicago

Chapter 11 – Making Ready

Chapter 12 – Spradler’s

Chapter 13 – All Good Things

Chapter 14 – Resolutions