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Lost in the Echo.

You time is my memory.

What is it called which hurts the most? What is that simple thing that makes you realize your gravest mistake? Why is it that, it being just in front of our eyes we want to ignore? There are a lot of questions that whisper silently yet screaming in the head. Pain ah, man’s ultimate solitude. A fortress that we build in the name of pain and its outcome. Without pain, there is no gain. Someone said it and that humble someone is probably right. But how does it fall into place? How does it know when to fall in place? Time, a morbid concept of reality, tricky yet precious, at the same time.

Let me start by first apologizing to the people who apparently think that I am not good enough for being a friend. For the past 24 odd years, I never had the liberty of…

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A Requiem of Rebirth: Chapter 4

sometimes he steals words from my journal … or so it feels.
If you haven’t spent time on his site – it’s past time you did.

Fire envelopes my soul.

It brings light to this grave.


Though I sleep, I can feel that I am cold.

A presence is here, watching, making me its slave.


A thickened, petulant voice calls from the darkness.

It screams and I awake.


These words written on my arm…hopeless?

I look around, I do not recognize this place.


My road is nowhere to be found.

I only see the forest for the trees.


There’s a knife in my hand?

I see the wound and I wished I could bleed.


What have I become?

I did not ask for this.


This nightmare pulls me undone.

Where is my youth?



I toss the knife into oblivion.


All at once, the voice whispered and hissed.

It was not pleasant, in fact, it was pissed.


It was then that I turned and saw my maker,

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same or similar?

time for a refresher

survivor road

you’re not me
i’m not you
we’re unique individuals
our problems
they’re unique too

our symptoms
are kinda alike
a lot of patterns
of our issues
look the same

but my road isn’t your road
and your speed-bumps aren’t mine

our roads may go
the same direction
for now
we can hold hands
to help support
and call out encouragement
to one another

but i can’t carry you
and you can’t carry me

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tear gas for tears – white instructions on black grief —

Imagine you’re at home and the phone rings. It’s your wife or your son or your father, telling you they have car trouble and they’re stuck in the middle of the road. You’re worried at first of course, but then they reassure you that it’s okay because the police are on their way. You exhale and……

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Psychological Abuse online is real and not as easy to solve as pressing the “off” button

The truth is sometimes not what we want to see (or admit) … but it’s still truth.

Art by Rob Goldstein

Bully Free Zone

Online abuse often takes the form of communications that are insulting, threatening, devaluing, and mocking.
Psychologically abusive people are called cyber bullies when the abuse happens online.
Cyber bullies will target your online activities, communications, and friends.
They will send you repeated unwanted messages or other kinds of communication.
They will intrude themselves in your online activities and will actively defame you on social networking sites.
They will gather information from your friends and encourage others to harass you, claiming to be harassed by you.
They will also approach your friends to get information about you or to create conflict in your relationship.
Abuse is always about control.
Abusers want to control the lives and actions of the people they target.
Abusers will also use alternate accounts on social networks to stalk and harass you.
From a “Healthy Place”
How to tell when you are dealing with online abuse:

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If These are My Last Words — john pavlovitz

Would you post differently if your next post contained your last words? John Pavlovitz’s post really made me think.

I always pray differently on the tarmac. Every time I get onto a plane, invariably something happens: I ponder my mortality. Forget that I’m far more likely to die falling in the shower or driving to get milk. That’s rarely where I consider my own demise. It’s usually just before takeoff, as the roar of the engines drowns……

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A candidate with a good record this election year

Johnson or Stein? I’ve read a lot about Jill Stein but not much on Gary Johnson. This is a well-timed piece and should be read. At least twice.

The Dependent Independent

Gary Johnson—June 20, 2012 He comes in peace. (Image source: Wikipedia/Flickr)

I’m sure there will be people questioning my sanity in considering Gary Johnson for President in this election cycle… but you can’t deny the unfavorable numbers for the other two in the polls— “the two most unpopular nominees in the history of polling.”

Crappy candidates have produced low turn for decades, and some people say it doesn’t matter much who gets into office.  The bureaucrats behind the scenes don’t switch parties.  True, but that doesn’t mean we stay at home, does it?  As responsible citizens we must do what is right— to believe in better, to educate ourselves and fight for better, even if we lose the battle.  ’Cause otherwise, we deserve less for our less.

I’ll show you my cards in saying I’m not terribly enthusiastic about Johnson; he’s said some things that sound stuck in 2006.  (Invading Iraq…

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The Most Important Lesson You Can Learn While Writing

Couldn’t say (or write) this better – incredible truths here.

I’ve been blogging for a few years now and I can tell you that it has been quite the adventure. I started off relatively inconsistent. There would be times that I would blog consecutively only to find that I was no longer interested. There were multiple attempts but nothing seemed to be clicking for me.

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