My Publications

Books/Stories I have written and are available free at in electronic format.   The underlined title is a link to the book – so click, read, and enjoy!

‘Tomorrow’s Shadow’ is a slightly gothic vampire romance story that also deals with gay love.  ‘Second Chances` is a romance novel that follows the trials of being a widower searching for life.
`Essence` follows the world of survivors after an evil force almost obliterates their world.

Tomorrow’s Shadow – Part I
Stefano is a young gypsy dealing with grief and loss when he meets the dark traveler, Vargon. Innocent and trusting, he confides his sorrow to the tall stranger who promises him relief and a future. He becomes one with the night, vampire – or kindred in the language of the undead, but finds that love is still attainable, still distracting, and still able to entice and enthrall his spirit. However, the strings of being human are not lost when one is turned, instead they often intensify, leaving our young friend lost within the dreams and wishes of the young.

 Tomorrow’s Shadow – Part II – “Transitions”
Life in the shadows continues but nothing remains the same forever, even for a vampire. Love continues to be lost and found, gained only to be released to resurface another time.

 Tomorrow’s Shadow – Part III – “Full Circle”
The ebb and flow of love is as sure as the tide. Whether rising or waning, its movement is sure and reliable. And sometimes, sometimes, it sticks around.  

Fragments of Me

Some of the poems I’ve written that still hit me…
Pieces I’ve had accepted and published at

  • Eve of Forever (poem)
    The graphic they picked out – think they did a nice job…  This is a piece that started years ago, just finished fine-tuning it recently.  It has a strict stanza-to-syllable setup of 12-18-5-12.   Rather proud of it, actually.
  • When We Danced (poem)
    Not crazy about the graphic they used for this piece …