My Audio Creations

Bits and pieces of thoughts as they come to me in music.  Below you will find links to songs.

It’s Finally Over

On A Normal Rainy Day

Kirkridge 2008

One thought on “My Audio Creations

  1. Hello Marcus,

    How do you do? Whilst your “Welcome” page is crowded with comments, there is not a single one here. So, here I am, giving you a comment and more, as I have already followed your “MarcusK” SoundCloud account.

    Of the three pieces “It’s Finally Over”, “On A Normal Rainy Day” and “Kirkridge”, I like “Kirkridge” the most, for it really tugs on my heartstring. Unfortunately, it had been recorded at a much lower volume than the other two. Perhaps you may have a louder version.

    I assume that you have composed, played and recorded all three yourself. How beautiful they are!

    I am listening to your musical pieces again and again as I type this comment, especially “Kirkridge”.

    I would like to reciprocate your spirit of healing and forgiveness with my own musical compositions, which you can savour on my SoundCloud accout. Even better, you can learn about the ethos behind those compositions in my post entitled “🦅 SoundEagle in SoundCloud: Art, Music and Compositions about New Sensations, Love, Life, Country, Nature, Dreaming, Meditation and Spirituality 🏞🎼🎶”.

    The said post contains a small fraction of my musical compositions. These compositions are by no means representative of my musical oeuvres, but they do serve some important purposes, as explicated quite substantially in the post. Please feel free to analyse and/or critique those compositions as well as my writing to your heart’s content at the comment section of the said post. I hope that at least some of the compositions there will resonate deeply with you and help you in some ways towards healing and transcendence.

    I myself have been grieving profoundly, as explicated by my latest post published on the last day of August this year (2019) entitled “Khai & Khim: For Always and Beyond Goodbye”. And I find your music speaks to me and resonates with some of my feelings. Thank you.

    Happy Sunday to you!


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