another Monday song

“Monday, Monday” … “Rainy Days And Mondays” … “Blue Monday” … “Maniac Monday” … “Monday Morning” … and the list goes on.

you would think in a list this long i wouldn’t have too much trouble finding one that fit today. but there isn’t one. no song about the terrors of the night before – the dreams morphed to nightmares in an unending spiral. spinning faster and faster until the climactic end where i die.

except i don’t die. i never die. that would be too easy.

and if one more person tells me to “just get over it” … i may have to break a life-long habit of non-violence and actually strike out.

yeah – like that would happen.

i just don’t want to be here anymore. i have a book being published in the next 4 months (or so) and even that isn’t enough to lift me out of the muck.

and as for a song?

maybe i will have to write one myself.

oh goodie. another task to fail at.

7 thoughts on “another Monday song

  1. Congrats on the book deal, you’re a great writer. You are a SURVIVOR, one nano step at a time.
    Are you thinking about suicide or just that depressed? I’ve been struggling since Dec. and we keep play with my meds. I have been out of bed for a week other than normal sleep. It’s Rexulti, newer so no generic but many manufactures if you go to the directly will help with significant discounts.

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