medications do not always “help”

i HATE the flu
ribs so sore from coughing
doctor gives me a cough syrup to try to help
add that to two kinds of pain meds
the vivid nightmares and daymares are horrid

so i sit and cough

i am so very tired of this existence right now


7 thoughts on “medications do not always “help”

  1. No, I see this with others suffering. So many meds seem to have debilitating side-effects, which require meds, which then produce their own side-effects,which require meds. It’s the domino effect, and chances are, it won’t change with the health industry being as monetized. I feel for you, and so many, many others suffering as you.


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  2. I take 2 things:
    Golden Seal, Echinacea (buy them separately for full strength) take both 4 times a day for 5 days, do not stop and do not go over. Will ease the cough no side effects, what’s 5 days, try it.
    I do care my friend!


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