on the precipice

he stepped carefully
eyes locked on the other side
to the far side of the narrow ledge
it took all his willpower
to not look down
to not lose himself
in the black abyss
that swirled beneath him
ebony water that waited
for him to slip
then to engulf him in death

another step
arms out
watch the balance
don’t look down
just a little further

progress was slow
against the storm
that tore at his skin
and the wind
that threatened to lift
and throw him
if he could only reach…

get in this house right now young man
it is pouring outside
you’re getting drenched

the boy looked across at his mother
standing on the porch
holding the door open

giggling he jumped
from the fence rail
splashing into the puddle
before running
top speed
into the house
and out of the rain

5 thoughts on “on the precipice

  1. Marcus
    I had to read again, love it more the second time. You are truly a natural writer. No doubt you will write this book and many others. You talent blows me away. I appreciate you being on the team for the people you help just by telling your story. It may not show in numbers but I know you make a major contribution to the team.

    Liked by 1 person

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