did it my way?

and now … the end is near … and i must face … the final curtain


if only – but not.

now that the novel is fully posted – and i still don’t know what’s happening with my shoulder – finding drive to do anything is next to impossible.


7 thoughts on “did it my way?

  1. The next step of editing are the most painful. Several people who follow me have written books, it took longer in re-wrties to gets publish. Not negative in anyway, you learn your conviction even more, driven by how important the book is to you. I know we’ll all celebrate when the book has a cover and release date. The book is great.


  2. Glad you finished the book, MARCUS. I have the perfect remedy for the feeling “it is done”. Pick up your pen (or settle before your computer) and put all those feelings down. Make it a short story…how you felt when you began, the turmoil of writing, and now the let down. It could very well be the premise of a new book, if not now, sometime in the future. And, having all those feelings written down you will be able to add to include it in your new story as fresh as the day it was recorded. Don’t waste how you feel now, save it for when you will need it.

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