that’s just the way it is

so i saw the surgeon on my shoulder.  he agreed the bone that was “fixed” after the auto accident in 2003 is now again out of place.  he said he’s surprised they didn’t tell me at the time of the surgery that it happened often.  but now?  now there’s nothing they can do.  if they tried to once-again fasten the bone down in place, there’s a chance it could cause a break in either the bone or my clavicle.

so the prognoses?  chronic pain – level 8-10 – for the rest of my life.

these are the days i am SO glad i got that DNR signed.


10 thoughts on “that’s just the way it is

        • 52… Not sure I’m that persistent. Have always given up. Only know I’m not at that stage yet. Every time the pain kicks in I am “reactivated” to finding a solution that works for ME.


        • I wrote down a list and it was 52 doctors total. No one believed me. Then it was just “stress”. Then i was just a “depressed housewife”. And that was back when i was working as a chaplain in nursing homes and hospice and I actually had no depression. I just had pain. Chronic pain. It took 52 doctors until finally one said..hmm I think something is really wrong. Got a biopsy. Diagnosed with muscle disease. BUT I am still on the hunt for a remedy, a fix, a solution. An anything that lessens this pain. Pain is very hard to live with. I hope you find a solution that does work for you and helps you!

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  1. Yes, I’m with bethanyk and think I’d pursue a second opinion. After all, the issue is compounded by the first provider not telling you some useful information. Maybe that’s the case here. Wish you well, whatever you decide, Good to see your humor remains. Cheers

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