when you know only pieces
   and scattered at that
of a time when things didn’t go so right

and then later in life
   when your guard isn’t up
another piece falls into the light

and those horrible thoughts
   from your imagination
don’t even come close to what’s real

you have to sit back
   and wonder a bit
was it worth all the effort to feel

3 thoughts on “partials

  1. I have those sometimes quite often and wonder where on earth did this come from. I’ve finally come to the conclusion that my subconscious is telling me something. Reading your comment I would suggest that your line “and it doesn’t even fit with what is real” is the key. If you can recognize that then breathe a sigh of relief and say to the Lord “thanks for reminding me.”

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  2. I have to tell you that I’m no longer reading your book. You are probably still doing the writing just as well as the first one I read, but I make it a rule not to read sexual stories for a couple of reasons. I am told in scripture that what goes into your head is either harmful or beneficial to your mental and emotional life. I decided that it usually turned out harmful. The other reason is that they are addictive on the order of porn. Tell me if you start another one with plain Joe and Jane and I’ll be happy to give it a try.


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