this can’t be good

doctor keeps giving pain meds

yes, my shoulder is killing me
        yes, the pain meds help tremendously
                yes, i need them right now.

    i’m starting to break out in sweats in morning from not having a pill all night long

i do NOT want to become addicted to this pills

      and i’m afraid i already am …


17 thoughts on “this can’t be good

  1. Marcus, if this is real life and not part of your poetry, call for help and tell them what you just wrote down and ask for an alternative medication. They’ll want to know symptoms, how long, the amount of pain…Sorry I can’t do more.

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      • I hear you and medicine can give problems as well as helping at times. Perhaps one or more of your meds is giving you a hefty measure of depression. You and your doctor have to figure it out. But don’t fail to get in touch with someone when you are feeling down, down, you know what I mean. I’ve been there and you need help at that point.

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        • Thanks, Marie. I’m keeping a close watch on the depth of the depression. If it ever starts to slide downward, I will get help. I know the dangers there – I won’t let it stay unattended.


  2. Hey my bud have you tried one of the TENS therapy units ? They are available in drugstores now Walmart whatever I have chronic pain in my shoulders too but that offers so much relief for a time they were doing it for me at physical therapy and I told them ” I HAVE GOT to get me one of these! It’s not permeant relief but sure does help for a while
    Heal well my friend

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  3. Marcus
    Important Message***
    Hacker/Cyberstalker is still accessing the site, the target is me, changes made have not been of deviant nature. I’m working closely with WP and we are closing in on securing Survivors Blog Here and my site.
    Comment and reblogs have been intercepted, totally crazy. I working feverishly on a secure machine. All of my devices, home phone and copy machine were hijacked.
    Stand by me, let me know if any issues on your part regarding reblogging.
    I care for you deeply and will never hurt you. I’m the target and they will hurt me by hurting people I care about. They know how deeply important Survivors Blog Here is to me and they have done everything to hurt me, including answering questions for Robert and Gavin which had both confessing. I didn’t know at the time it was not Robert or Gavin talking.
    Keep faith in me, trust me as you know I trust you. I will never hurt you.


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