the best kind of news

what with “fake news” and “alternate facts” – I thought I’d take us back a bit to an older phrase…

no news is good news

if there was ever a more ambiguous statement – I’m not sure what.  Taking it to task, I try emphasis in different points

NO news is good news

ok – so, there is no such thing as “good news”.  To be honest, this is where I live most of my life.  Any news I hear, especially if it somehow impacts me – you can just be that it is NOT “good news”.  Plain and simple – NO news is good news.

no news is good news

I suppose this is akin to “if the dragon is asleep, there are no worries in the village” – which is my boss’s way of dealing with things.  If he’s not complaining, then everything is fine and I’m doing a good job.  Don’t expect a compliment, a ‘thank you’, or any other form of recognition as long as things are going well.

no news is good news

Currently, I could see me falling into this pit.  Nothing I hear on the news networks is “good news”.  Everything is a tragedy – the world is falling apart.  Unfortunately, this is also the philosophy that seems to flow from all to many pulpits…

…and that pretty much sums up my slants on this wonderful five-letter communique.

what’s yours?


5 thoughts on “the best kind of news

  1. Marcus
    Feeling better after Stalker alert
    Doing everything to get brain, body, WP…in order
    Can you reblog-any problems with reblog? After Twitter Attack it’s been weird no one had said they could not reblog
    Am I still the last person who posted?
    I know I ‘m asking a lot!!! Something going on with site I don’t understand
    Hack & Stalker may be separate
    I owe you big time, I trust you, it took you over a year to began to trust me, I trust you-we keep growing in trust we both win
    I can figure out quicker with help, remember if times are to hard or this is any burden just drop me a short note. I understand completely-honest we can be honest about our true self and if your in a horrible place ( I always think of you and hope one foot is moving, I understand when not- been there for years!
    If you could add it will reach me, made to many Mail changes when to sick.
    Your a rock-give a small pat for yourself, a ray of sunshine. You do many actions you auto/learned like me to cover/survive, you are so articulate, polite, no what I call Barbie syndrome.
    M 🙂

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