rocky mountain high…………….


Doctor still unable to find cause to the constant pain in shoulder or right flank.  The back they blame on me passing a kidney stone a week ago – but I doubt it should still be hurting 8 days later.  The shoulder we’ve done the MRI thing and exams and now I will start physical therapy.

the UP side of this is the prescription for methadone that has me on a 24/7 high.  Not WOW like percocet, but enough to where I feel it.

Don’t know if I should tell him … he’d probably take it away since the LAST thing the HMO wants is for me to actually have pleasure.


8 thoughts on “rocky mountain high…………….

  1. Wow, you just keep suffering from one damn thing after another, Marcus.

    Your final comment invokes a Monty Python-esque scene. An HMO committee is observing you via a security camera. “He’s experiencing pleasure,” one wrinkled and withered liver-spotted bald white man says with a petulant sniff.

    “We can’t have that,” replies a paler than white obese man in a fine suit. “Cut him off.”

    “Will do,” the first man replies. Gleefully and maliciously rubbing his hands together, he cackles with delight. Denying others pleasure is why he’s alive. Making money from it only doubles his delight.


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    • Sometimes I wonder how true that scenario might be …
      As for the my many “maladies” – had a shrink tell me once that with what I went through as a kid, especially the stuff when I was real young – it’s not completely surprising the issues my body had now.
      — on my 15th birthday I was 5’10” and I weight 87 pounds. Serious malnutrition most of my growing years brings organs with issues later on.
      … I understand being revisited by “the sins of the past” … but aren’t they supposed to be someone else’s sins??

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      • It wasn’t with her. Kidney stones are pretty brutal and kind of tear their way out of the kidney through the ureter then after they get to the bladder have to get out the urethra. Many people in my family have had them and I have heard them talk of aching in their bladder and side for a few weeks after. I hope the pain passes soon

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