it’s official. i hate the flu

five days.  five miserable days.  i’m back at work but still feel like death warmed over.  sinus, headache – and the cough.  sweet heaven, the cough!

had a flu shot in November.  had to.  requirement of working at the hospital.  have had them in the past with no issue.  SUPPOSEDLY when you have a flu shot, if you catch the flu, it’s much less severe.

if this is much less severe i never would have survived the “real thing”.

i have a doctor’s appointment Friday.  i just hope i last that long…


5 thoughts on “it’s official. i hate the flu

  1. I hate the flu to, and it seems to me that the flu has evolved over the years. The last couple of years, the flu had knocked me out for weeks. And let’s not even talk about the common cold, because common is just too kind of a word to describe any illness. I hope you are resting, eating chicken noodle soup and feeling better. I know those are just words, but I do think I get where you are coming from on this and the best i can do is just give you hope. Hugs, Harlon

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    • That’s what I did all weekend. Sleeping – chicken noodle soup – and ignoring most of the world. Today is actually much better, and I am very thankful I did not end up in the hospital like many others have.
      And giving me hope is the best I could ask for. Thank you.

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  2. When I’m brought down by the flu, all I can do is sleep and a few bio functions. I usually turn the television on to a low drone of sitcoms or old movies, which seem to comfort me. Stay warm, sleep well and rest. Cheers

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