oh yippie skippie

my doctor’s valentine’s day gift to me.  there’s no damage to my shoulder – just some mild inflammation.  no rotator cuff damage.  yes, there’s the bone protruding out of place from the botched shoulder repair i had in 2003 – but it’s nothing “serious”.

i just am in intolerable pain.

so he suggests trying steroid shots.

last time i had a steroid shot i passed out from the pain.

happy valentine’s day, marc.


6 thoughts on “oh yippie skippie

  1. Sorry about your pain, it is awful that you have to go through it. I have constant back pain/inflammation, that can not be helped either, so I know how it feels to never be able to feel “normal” in your own body… Sending you a thought and my sympathies on V day. 🌸⚘

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