Tuesday Tremors

Tomorrow evening I have an MRI on my left shoulder.  The pain the past few weeks has been excruciating; I’m hoping whatever they find it is something we can fix.

In 2003 I was T-Boned in a car accident.  Totally destroyed my left shoulder – had surgery to put it back together and repair the tendons.  In a minor incident shortly after the surgery I popped one of the tendons so the end of one bone protrudes slightly.  Never been an issue – but lately the pain in that should has been growing.

They think there might be the infamous ‘rotator cuff’ issue going on as well.  Whatever it is, I’m just ready for it to end.

Started on hydrocodone, have moved to oxycodone.  Still lower dose, but I’d rather not go up as the higher dose makes it very hard to concentrate on my job.

So Wednesday, February 8, 2017, at 9:00pm I will be slid into the cave for pictures.  I hate that machine.  I’m highly claustrophobic … fortunately the doctor has already prescribed tranquilizers for that evening.  I’ve had MRIs before – sometimes the pills help the anxiety, sometimes they don’t.  Fortunately, with the addition of the pain meds, I expect to be fairly mellow for the duration of the test.

Got a friend driving me there and home again.

Any spare positive thoughts would be greatly appreciated…


9 thoughts on “Tuesday Tremors

  1. Thinking of you often even more now. I wish that mere words could bring the comfort you dederve. My best bet is always get there exhausted then let the meds take you to a peaceful place. Sometimes we can manage to even zone out I hope that you find the issue and that it is a fairly easy fix

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  2. Marcus,
    I hope they find the source of the pain and that it is an easy fix.
    A wise dentist once told me “there is nothing natural about being in a dentist chair, anxiety is the natural response”…I think that applies to MRIs as well.
    Good luck tonight and tomorrow.


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