battle scars

the wounds are real
the scars – numerous
they are not to be seen
for they are within my soul
and i protect them well

cuts and abrasions
nothing superficial
bathed in salt
and left open to any
close enough

telltale signs
of yesterday’s wars
within me
fighting to maintain
to stay afloat
and not succumb
to the bitter desire
to rest

the few
allowed to seehave either
not understood
torn them open
in a vain attempt
to mock my pain
and gain their own
self worth

i cannot
will not
submit myself
to further ridicule
and humiliation
and so
deny the very existence
of those things
that hurt me most

the ever-present reminders
of horrors witnessed
upon myself
by others

One thought on “battle scars

  1. Marcus
    Sending you hugs! I would say more but email still crashed. Remember Thin Lizzy….Tonight their’s gonna be a jailbreak. I was hanging with a much older until it was fun any more. If you need to read me, start a thread to post I’m about to post. Welcoming you and Harlon. I can’t help Harlon and he having problems with rebooting.
    I you have a minute, the right minute :), to help him understand how easy it is. If you nor up to the company, it can wait.
    Xx M

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