the price of accepting offers of help

i am fairly vocal on Facebook, definitely so with my ‘Survivor Road’ page.  occasionally i get someone offering to “be there for me”, or “offer a friendly ear”, or “help me find others in my area” – you get the idea.

i have found that these people will disappear over time – sometimes a short span, sometimes longer.  i’ve puzzled through this and decided that i must be the culprit.  i am not responding favorably fast enough – or maybe not at all – and this is pushing these would-be ‘friends’ into the ether of the internet, never to be heard from again.  since i still run across their postings, i am certain they haven’t left Facebook — just me.

it is good to note that i have not found this phenomenon on my blog.  people i have connected with here have remained – some for months/years.  this is a nice offset to the Facebook experience.

the injury comes within.  i open myself up, expose and trust – to be rejected and dropped.  rejection never felt good as a child, it certainly feels no better now.

probably shouldn’t bother me.
but it does.


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