the beginning of the end

it is december 6th and i have dropped my account at booksie.  the withdrawal from “society at large” has begun.  i feel sick, but this isn’t something i can stop.  i can’t explain it – only state it is taking place.

how far i take this i have no idea.

right now i just want to find a hole and climb in it.  that is, a hole deeper than the pit i’m already in.


8 thoughts on “the beginning of the end

  1. Marcus, so sorry you are feeling like this. You are not alone… And I know I get angry when people tell me this when I am going through my worst times, but it is true. I was on booksie some time back too. Reach out if you can.


      • No offence, but I don’t think we are meant to face anything alone – sounds like your alone is not helping – I hear that this is a hard time and I am one that fears for your safety. But I am only virtual – please find someone in the flesh to hold your hand through this time. You matter.


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