monday afternoon

monday afternoon and i have finally crawled out of bed to look at the world.  fed the dog, took him out – don’t know how he waited this long.  good dog.

i just can’t cope anymore.  no, that’s not true.  i can.  i just don’t want to.

i can go to work.  sit all day at a desk and do whatever it takes to keep that paycheck coming in, but why.  why do i knock myself out when there’s no one to accomplish anything for.

i don’t want to learn something nre.  i don’t want to learn to do for me.  to care for me.

just gonna go back to bed.


5 thoughts on “monday afternoon

  1. “Hugs” Marcus. Stay where you are and when you can’t care for yourself know that you have a circle of followers who are sending you waves of care over the ether. So snuggle down in that duvet and hit the pause button.
    PS your dog will love you unconditionally

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