mental health – bah humbug

called to get an appointment with my shrink – he’s no longer around.  ok, so it’s been months since i’ve bothered to see him – but there’s been no real need.

but don’t give up hope – they can get me in to see someone on the 20th.  of JANUARY.

i should have known they would be no help.  no one is.


2 thoughts on “mental health – bah humbug

  1. I’m sorry you’re so down Marcus. Hang on in there and you will climb out of the pit. Can I make a suggestion–throw it out if you wish but it’s this. Your poetry and creative work is really powerful. Do you think you could share it with the offside trust? I’m not sure what country you’re in but the footballers have just set up a trust to help victims of csa in the UK… here’s the link just a thought ….

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