why am i here?
what is the meaning
of life
why am i here?

why do i stay
when all purpose
is bogus
and empty

the loneliness
is too large
a burden

tears at my joints
my very soul
cries in anguish

why am i here?


11 thoughts on “?

      • But what fun would that be if we knew the answer before the the question was asked?
        I treat each new day as a surprise package designed just for me, instead of dwelling on my pain and responsibilities, I spend what little energy I have to search, discover, and learn something new before the day is done.

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        • Lol, yes you did.
          Today you are here to make me smile and laugh, something I donโ€™t do very often. I believe that you just made a new friend, thank you, holidays are rough enough when there’s no one around, you made my day.

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        • Yes, holidays truly are. And since one can never have too many friends, i welcome you to that very small group.
          … and if i made your day, know that has sure helped mine. ๐Ÿ™‚

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        • I have not left my house except for the few hours a volunteer watches mom a month in over a year. Needless to say that I have really weeded down my friends to one hand. I cherish a true friend above and beyond so I hope that you will take that to heart and know that if not in person, that I am around to listen, chat, banter and even rant should you need to. I check my mail in between chores and responsibilities of taking care of my mom. If you want deeper discussion, I never judge, just ask for my email and I will give it to you. You are never truly alone being a friend of mine. You made me smile so I hope to one day repay the favor, warning my humor is warped.

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