aha moment

First, my thanks to V.J. of One Woman’s Quest for her suggestion that waking up at the same time might have to do with systems within the body.  I did some searching on body clocks and found David Wolfe’s blog on the very subject, along with the following graphic:


So, my waking up at 2:30 in the morning coincides with liver function.   On David’s page it goes on to explain that 2:30 wake up could also be anger/rage issues … but it’s not like I have any of THOSE, so it must be liver…

And for Paul Lamb of Lucky Rabbit’s Foot – your waking at 3:15 would look like lung function.

… I guess the adage is true – you can still teach and old man new stuff …

[ok, ok – so that’s not exactly how it goes  – it still applies]

5 thoughts on “aha moment

  1. David Wolfe is a notorious snake oil peddler and serial liar. I wouldn’t take any of his ideas on how the body works as fact. But, in all fairness, I’m heavily slanted in the direction of science and he’s heavily slanted in the direction of not science so I’m biased.

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    • well – I talked to my nutritionist – and she puts a lot of credence in the Chinese “body clock” – her own research has very similar findings, so in this case I see no problems.

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      • Good stuff then. I’m not against alternative treatment as a whole, but I’m not fond of David Wolfe and his ilk after the fiasco of people with treatable cancers dying because they were told to ignore their doctors and so it the “natural” way. I feel similarly about televangelists.

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        • No, I agree. The system we have for kickbacks from pharmaceutical companies to doctors who prescribe meds is insane. There’s no safe places anymore it seems.

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