stop the ‘all lives matter’ BS

let’s just stop the ‘all lives matter’ BS.  we know it’s not true.  i am so tired of reading that ‘all black lives matter’ and ‘all white lives matter’ and ‘all lives matter’ and yadda yadda yadda.  enough.

if all lives mattered, that baby would not have been aborted 2.5 seconds ago.  obviously his/her life didn’t matter to the woman carrying it (i won’t say ‘mother’ because no ‘mother’ would abort her child).  it must not have mattered to the doctor that assisted.

if all lives matter, that inmate wouldn’t have been executed, whether he had a death penalty over his head or not.  not if ALL lives matter.

so when you try to tell me that my life matters because all lives matter – the whole argument falls in the toilet.  after being abused, used, thrown away, rejected – you can’t tell me my life mattered then.  and if it didn’t then it doesn’t now.  I KNOW ME.  i know i don’t matter.

enough is enough.  all the lies and backtalk in the media.  and not just this election – it’s widespread and nonstop.  tell the people what the people want to hear.  well, THIS person doesn’t want to hear the ‘all lives matter’ lie anymore.  so don’t tell me.

spread it somewhere else.  i have enough garbage in my life to last unlimited lifetimes, i don’t need more.  i refuse to accept any more.  i know the truth and if you can’t see the truth then that’s your problem, not mine.

all lives do NOT matter.

my life does not matter.

so just stop already.

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