dear American – have you voted?

i am not a political poster.  i have worked hard at keeping my own political opinions quiet, and don’t plan on breaking stride here.  who i vote for is a personal matter, based on my opinions, my beliefs, and my concerns.

what i am NOT quiet about is someone not exercising their right to vote.  note i do not say ‘duty’ – i don’t believe it is anyone’s ‘duty’ to vote.  but it is certainly our RIGHT to do so.  and if you aren’t using that right, you are (imnsho) allowing others to dictate things that can and will affect your quality of life.  maybe you believe your vote won’t matter – it’s one vote in millions of votes.  i often believe the same way.

the thing is – if you don’t vote, in my opinion you’re not just allowing someone else to drive, you’re giving up your right to say anything if and when things go wrong.  and you know they will – this is an imperfect world.  things go wrong.  people let us down.

but if you don’t vote, and Hillary Clinton wins, what right have you to complain if she makes a move that majorly affects your life?  if you don’t vote and Donald Trump wins, what right have you to complain about anything he might do you don’t like?


sorry – but that’s the way i see it.  if you don’t have your say now about who you think should run things, you don’t have the right later to complain about things not working the way you expect or want them to.  if you don’t give input, you can’t argue about the output.

again – my opinion – but i can’t see it any other way.

so my friends, my readers, my American brothers/sisters – if you haven’t already – GO VOTE.

otherwise, when the ship starts to sink – don’t ask me to share my spot on the lifeboat.

What are your thoughts

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