the fabled morning after

the song says “There’s got to be a morning after”.  well, i suppose until our sun runs out of fuel, that would be true.  at least for someone.

yesterday morning went beyond my wildest imaginations.  yeah, mistakes, but a very positive event.  for all concerned, or so i hear.  so that’s very good news.

our worship leader’s cousin, as of yesterday morning, had no change.  severe head trauma, broken spine, still unconscious.  they removed him from life support but he was still hanging on.

so … the morning after – not always something bright and beautiful, is it?


One thought on “the fabled morning after

  1. So very sad to hear. Am sorry for your sake and the family. You are right, there is not always a morning after. For those of us who live a lot of time in darkness it is hard to appreciate or even see the light… 🌸🌼⚘

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