a request for my Christian readers

I have a favor to ask.

A week ago our Worship Leader was out with some family doing some ATV riding in the mountains.  There was an accident, don’t know the details, but her cousin was badly injured and helicoptered out to a major hospital where he’s been in a coma ever since.

Yesterday afternoon I got a note from my Pastor saying it doesn’t look like the cousin is going to make it; they’ve been inviting family in to “say goodbye”.  Sad situation.  He also told me to take a look at the service and prepare for possibly leading worship.  Later last night he sent another note confirming – I am to lead worship Sunday.

Leading worship I have done – I do it Tuesday evenings for our prayer meeting so it’s not something that far out of ordinary.  I thank God for the chance.

I do ask for prayer for the cousin (sorry, wish I had his name) and for Monique’s family (she’s our Worship Leader).  This cannot be an easy time for them.  Monique is young also, just started her second year of marriage, so I don’t know how much exposure she’s had to close family members or friends dying — this could be very trying for her.

Thanks for reading through – and thanks for the prayers.  If you belong to any prayer circles and would like to add Monique and her family that would be glorious.



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