wading through the unreal

Fakes and phonies.  i’m sure we’ve all dealt with them in one way or another.  Those of us ‘fortunate’ enough to live in the U.S. are seeing a lot of it.  But that i can cope with – it’s detached from who i am, there are alternatives to the pretenders.

In the realm of survivors there are also the wanna-be’s.    Those that, for whatever reason, have latched onto the idea that they must be surviving something bad in their past.  And maybe they are, i can’t judge.  But when they come at me with the ‘you can trust me’ and ‘I only want to be a friend’ and ‘tell me your story and I’ll tell you mine’…  [anyone else get shivers from the ‘you show me yours I’ll show you mine’ sound-alike??]

It happened today at a support site i frequent.  Someone trying to ‘buddy-up’ to me as this trustable, likeable, friendly soul who just began his journey of discovery into his own path of recovery — deciding he will be my life-long friend and confidant.  i will grant that he did state it was up to me.  But jumping into the clearing, proclaiming himself to be a fellow survivor, and being able (not to mention strong enough emotionally) to be a solid friend.  What is that?  i am extremely wary of anyone pushing to be my ‘friend’ to begin with, but someone who is supposedly just starting his own recovery … when i was in that space, i was in no condition to be someone’s ‘buddy’ – nor do i believe others who say they are.  Maybe i’m wrong.  Wouldn’t be the first time.

One thing for certain, though – i will remain safe.

Possibly once i have evidence of his honesty … but actually, after his rush-in approach, it’s doubtful i will find a place of trust with him.  My error?  Maybe.  My loss?  I suppose there’s a chance … But that old adage “better safe than sorry” runs through my head …

and i’ve been sorry before.


What are your thoughts

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