i don’t want to do this any more


18 thoughts on “done

  1. Then don’t. Maybe it’s time to start LIVING again. You quoted (as a SOLUTION) on my post the following:

    “we can continue to blame the advertisements instead of taking the time (and effort) to instruct the future of our planet.”

    You obviously understand it takes “time” and “effort” to CREATE CHANGE.

    If you “don’t want to do this anymore,”

    DO SOMETHING DIFFERENTLY! DO SOMETHING BETTER. It may not make you “feel any better,” but your intelligence will know the difference. Ultimately, constructive behavior leads to a better quality of life. You’ve experienced pain for a long time. It lead to a post that stated, “i don’t want to do this any more.” Choose a more productive (alternative) approach and see where it takes you. Maybe you can prove to other people in a similar situation that unbearable pain can truly lessen.

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    • oh that’s so often the answer. “just do something different. just change. just … just … just do it. it’s soooooooooo easy – just do do do do do do do”


      the simple, pat answer doesn’t cut it here. life is not something we change like socks.


      • Nothing in my comment mentioned anything about “EASY.” I have consistently respected your right to live as happy or miserable a life as you choose to. You’re the one that mentioned, “i don’t want to do this anymore.” My comment was succinct; “then don’t.”

        I comment on your site because I believe there is a depth to you that warrants respectful dialogue. In turn, I expect a respectfully worded response. If you prefer me keeping my opinions to myself, I will gladly do so. If you want me to participate, please control the attitude.

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        • My apologies for having a bad day and almost ending up under psych care. I vocalized my pain. It won’t happen again. Whether you voice an opinion or stop following my site altogether is up to you. I no longer care.

          I take that back, I do care. Goodbye.

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        • actually that’s not what I did – maybe you should read again? On second thought – let me translate. I neither wish you to follow my site nor comment in the future.


    • My therapist is kind of pushing me forward, making a list of things I need to work on (that took some time) and then we go over whichever one I choose during my next session. (Every TWO weeks now!) I’m currently working on that list as well as a list of things I could do during the winter months, She had me title the list, “Blues prevention”

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      • Being pushed is not something I appreciate – even from a therapist – but certainly not from someone who thinks because he wears the title “doctor” that he can disregard someone’s pain.


  2. Marcus
    I’ve felt depressed for the past month and blogging is difficult, the words don’t come out. If you’re burn out from blogging take a break. There are days I ask the same, I’ve been thinking the same since my depression moved it.
    Big Hugs
    I/m always here for you, take my hand.

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  3. yes, I have days like this, wondering, what’s the point? I manage to muddle on but I wonder why I keep muddling.

    Now I’m hungry. Something about writing ‘muddling’ triggered my appetite. I’d like pancakes but they’ll take too long. Or waffles. They’ll also take too long for a muddling sort of day. I think I’ll just muddle into the kitchen and make some instant oats. Maybe add some fruits. I believe I have some frozen fruits available. But I’m out of walnuts.


    Guess I’ll muddle on without them. Cheers

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