mandalas and scenery and wild life — oh my

So i’ve started a new habit.  Don’t know how long it will last – with me habits aren’t exactly a strong suit.  And, considering the palsy in my hands, i’m a bit surprised it would go this route but it looked interesting, so i figured ‘why not?’

i have taken to coloring books.

i’ve jumped into the fray of ‘adult coloring books’ (not to be confused with coloring books for adults…)  complete with colored pencils colors

Who knew simple colored pencils could be so crazy expensive??

Anyhoo, i picked up a couple of coloring books, one of plants and animals, scenery type stuff, and one of mandalas.

Mandalas, in case you’re dying to know, are intricate designs with LOTS of places to express your individual creativity mandala

i’ve done a few – so far it’s actually quite enjoyable. Curled up in front of the TV with an “oldies-but-goodies” music station dialed in, coloring book in my lap, pencils by my side, pretending the rest of the world doesn’t exist.

Only time will tell whether this will continue to relax me and whether or not i even keep doing it. Being prone as i am to giving up before finishing anything i’ve started…


26 thoughts on “mandalas and scenery and wild life — oh my

  1. I love adult coloring book! It’s hard for not to become a bit of a perfectionist when I’m doing it though. Which takes away all the fun, lol.

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  2. I’ve extended my coloring book experiences into Japanese woodblocks, kimonos, and floral patterns as well as three different Steampunk fashion and machine books. You’re right, Marcus, that this type of stuff is addicting.


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  3. You’re onto something deeply spiritual, and allows you body to relax, open the door and let the pain drain from you body. I wear prayer beads, manadelia necklace. To me I can touch and feel connected. It’s not about God, he is my master, yet I believe many cultures have positive ritual.
    Back in the 1990’s coloring books were great at helping deal with stress, for people with with sever mental illness it could be a complete turn away. I saw people so broken they would only scream or cry. Coloring gave then inside they didn’t have in their like.
    Proud of you Marcus, I proud how honest you are and leave yourself open. Helping can bring pain, I would rather try then not.

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  4. Hello. Adult coloring books, especially of mandallas and geometric figures, are growing in popularity. I have a relative who uses adult coloring books to assist in stroke recovery. Primal art and coloring have helped my relative tremendously in restoring physical capacities. Often, personal interests and creative outlets are key avenues to improving health and reducing stress. I, myself, am an artist and art instructor. I have been making art since I was two years old and I cannot imagine life without coloring and painting. Art is what I use to understand the world and share with others. Keep yourself going. Don’t worry how consistent you’ll be. If you would like to view my art, please visit my blogs.

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