child’s play

i have all these blocks

carefully, so carefully
one on top of the other
i place them
like treasures
and my shelter takes form

until it gets kicked down

so i find a better place
ground more level
and no one else around
but it’s lonely
so i knock them all down
gather them up
and move on

i find a new friend
and together we build
the very bestest of walls
tremendous     –     big, so big

then he kicks it down
well really
he only wanted to play a little while
and now he knows
how he wants his blocks to be
so he don’t need me

i’m just in the way

so he takes his blocks elsewhere
and make his own things

i don’t know if I have the strength
to try building anymore

but …
i have all these blocks


3 thoughts on “child’s play

  1. Marcus
    I unstained 100%. Each book in a category has deep meaning to me. The words are to honest yet not always easy to hear. My collection of Mental Illness, Psychology, Gentics and tools to deal with the triggers. Were both survivors, several of the books gave me understand of my Mental Illness, most important is the time together learning until my brain understand.
    Another thing we have in common.

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