as time goes by

too many years chasing rainbows
searching for the pot of gold
answers to the riddles
and the lies that i’ve been told

one after another
people let me down
until my cries of anguish
are the one remaining sound

gloom hangs heavy like a shroud
stealing away my breath
it’s hard to find joy in life
when all I see is death

the child within has pulled away
he lies curled in a ball
unable to find the strength to stand
unwilling to try at all

i have never been one to just give up
to turn away – and yet
after years of trying to remember
i want now to forget



6 thoughts on “as time goes by

  1. You definitely have a talent for expression. The words and emotions seem genuine and the heartache others will experience will help them realize the world is viewed from many different perspectives. It took a long time for me to realize my words, actions, caring and experience were NOT ENOUGH to “make” people feel differently. I had to learn to accept to help those in search and respect those who chose otherwise. I had to learn there was a purpose for all people, and to believe a dark path somehow played a role fullfilling individual and societal needs. I’m still not clear of this purpose, but accept ALL roles as ESSENTIAL.


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