when is a stalker a stalker and not just a follower; or when does a follower become a stalker

Even better question – WHY would anyone stalk me?  Much less even follow me?  It’s not like my path through life has been rewarding, triumphant, or even vaguely successful, for  that matter.  i mean come on, abusive childhood – to the point of barely remembering anything between five and fourteen… i suppose that could be a reason:

Follow me to find out how to not remember your own life.

Nah – doesn’t work for me.  Maybe someone with a death wish.  Someone who is so despondent they’ll listen to anything that helps them on their own road to despair and destruction.  Yeah – now THAT makes some sense.  Actually it doesn’t.  i can see anyone being that far down.

And even if – it still only puts them in the realm of a follower, not a stalker.

Though the thought does have merit – as a gag line.  Someone being so far gone as to get enraptured by my … i dunno what … to want to possess … or possibly eliminate me.

It’s hard enough for me to accept the number of “followers” i have here on the blog.  Though i do a fairly decent job of convincing myself that people follow me out of politeness because i follow them.  SIGH – that don’t wash either.  Most of the people following my blog started doing so before i even read theirs.  And in fairness and honesty (wow, what a stretch!) – i’m not following everyone who’s currently following me.  Several maybe, but not all.

Another good question – why am I even concerned?  It’s not like anyone is stalking me, or even following me other than my writing online.   No one has been interested in me enough to even ask for a phone number since Mitchel.  Then again, i’m not exactly the most approachable person these days.  But it keeps me safe, so i can reconcile with that.

QUESTION:  If a person can inspire others to greatness, can one then inspire others to “littleness”?

Be so much less than all you can be.  Learn from me; i’m a master at it.

Can’t you just see THAT one drawing the crowds?


14 thoughts on “when is a stalker a stalker and not just a follower; or when does a follower become a stalker

  1. Hi Marcus
    Very good questions! I know of one person who was stalked to the point of having to close her account. The interest sparked my interest because I was stalked for six years and it was one horrific experience. I’ve had a draft to post and keep pushing it back, I can talk about the most personal things in my life but stalking it one, it’s so difficult to come to terms with. I’m saving your post so I can read the responses, I’m curious what people will say.
    You post almost everyday, you write beautifully, correct grammar and the good stuff they teach. You don’t stuff your post with filler information. Think about me, my invite. You provide an incredible resources where little are available. I would love to share your knowledge with a larger audience. On the personal blogger side of me, you can help me so much with your knowledge and we can reach more people.
    Let’s talk, about anything msandorm#verizon.net.
    I care about you

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    • Melinda… I think about your invitation a lot and every time I do my mind goes blank. And I mean not even white noise. I don’t think it’s fear – doesn’t feel like fear – but I guess it’s I think I need some all-inspiring topic or something first.


  2. Why do any of us connect? You comment on my blog. You converse with me. I mean, what is the purpose of blogging? Form emotional connection with people you don’t know, right? And I like the interchanges. It helps me know that I’m not just broadcasting to an empty space.

    The stuff in your past, that’s not due to you, though it’s part of you. You’re spunky. You’re a fighter. You’re a survivor. If you weren’t a fighter, you wouldn’t be here now. Maybe you didn’t set out to be tenacious about your past struggles, but you didn’t get here by not being tenacious.

    Those are qualities others can admire and learn from you.

    So, rather than seeing yourself as the dire warning on the road of life, you’re a valuable signpost.

    At least, that’s my take.

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  3. I don’t know what to say really. I follow a diverse bunch of blogs. Yes, your content appears to show a side of you that is indeed struggling. There is so many blogger struggling. I guess I just made a connection. I don’t really want to over analyse. the reason. I don’t to get into the habit of giving you advice or therapy or whatever. Maybe O read your posts because I identify with some aspect of what you have written in the past. You are true to yourself and I can’t ask for more really. Take care.

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  4. Your writing (as a follower,, not a stalker) does inspire me to look deeper into myself to see what is there, or maybe sometimes to see what it is I don’t want others to see down there. But you, my friend, are one of those whose blog I don’t just delete, and most of the time I do make comments. I feel like I’m sharing with you, some of that stuff. I don’t know if any of your followers, also follow me (but who really knows?). When you have something to say, that hits me right, I write.

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    • Which is why I read your blog. Your life is an inspiration. It’s more than you being willing to “keep on trucking” – you show a need, a HUNGER to live each day. I am glad we “met”, though the circumstances might have been better, I suppose – maybe this is part of that “silver lining” I keep hearing about 🙂


  5. A bit creepy; the thought of a follower going to another level. I supposed that happens. I have been told “I have been followed without the person liking or commenting, but being assured every post has been read more than once.”

    That comment creeped the crap out of me.

    Hope you are well.

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