friday, friday, friday

and tomorrow is saturday.  other than that not much to say about this day except i’m glad it’s Friday.  tomorrow get a long-needed hair cut, then have lunch with a couple of the grandkids that are on their way to CA to live with their mom.  not sure how i feel about that, even if their mom is my daughter.  but that’s a story for another post…

looks like rain, feels like rain.  and that’s fine with me – i’m ready for fall.  actually, i’m ready for winter, but then i don’t have to shovel the white stuff when it obliterates the ground.

so, my faithful readers, i’m afraid there’s nothing much of interest here today.

i wish you all PEACE for the weekend.  i think we all could use some.



9 thoughts on “friday, friday, friday

  1. What?! There’s some interest right there. Conflict! Hair is too long: Will he be able to reach the barber? What if the barber is closed when he should be open? What if… the barber is DEAD?! And the police are now looking at you as the suspect?

    We have the beginnings of a book there, mister.

    Weather is always surface stuff.

    But the remarks about going to live with their mom… that’s interesting. And conflicty!

    And now for a trite saying: “Write what you know. Know what you write.” <— this is kinda Captain Obvious, don't you think?

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