without a purpose

i can’t face the emptiness
the loneliness inside where nobody sees
my being craves companionship

    but not

it gets harder and harder to start a new day
because it only means
  i survived yet another night

my heart beats
  lungs circulate air
    and my mind locks in
      on its never-ending cycle
        of emptiness

and i face it all
     without a purpose


4 thoughts on “without a purpose

  1. This

    A place to escape, but some do relate,
    to be vulnerable, yet, we are capable.
    In time, decades, the internet opens,
    foments people to write, relate, be.
    That well defined loneliness, shared,
    known by so many, and despaired,
    flows and ebbs, with days to night,
    times of fear, strength, fight or flight.
    Today, I read, I heard, and have endured,
    evoked response, lifting the tambour,
    loneliness shared, despair with many layers,
    vulnerable, fearful, lonely, not alone.

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    • I forget that others face loneliness, probably nature of the beast. But you have truth – fearful, lonely, but not alone. In our despair, fear, we share much in common, though not always seen or noticed.
      Thank you for reminding me I am not the only soul on the planet, nor the only soul that faces so much. It does not provide respite, but it does help.

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