A Requiem of Rebirth: Chapter 4

sometimes he steals words from my journal … or so it feels.
If you haven’t spent time on his site – it’s past time you did.

Fire envelopes my soul.

It brings light to this grave.


Though I sleep, I can feel that I am cold.

A presence is here, watching, making me its slave.


A thickened, petulant voice calls from the darkness.

It screams and I awake.


These words written on my arm…hopeless?

I look around, I do not recognize this place.


My road is nowhere to be found.

I only see the forest for the trees.


There’s a knife in my hand?

I see the wound and I wished I could bleed.


What have I become?

I did not ask for this.


This nightmare pulls me undone.

Where is my youth?



I toss the knife into oblivion.


All at once, the voice whispered and hissed.

It was not pleasant, in fact, it was pissed.


It was then that I turned and saw my maker,

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