same or similar?

time for a refresher

survivor road

you’re not me
i’m not you
we’re unique individuals
our problems
they’re unique too

our symptoms
are kinda alike
a lot of patterns
of our issues
look the same

but my road isn’t your road
and your speed-bumps aren’t mine

our roads may go
the same direction
for now
we can hold hands
to help support
and call out encouragement
to one another

but i can’t carry you
and you can’t carry me

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2 thoughts on “same or similar?

  1. How

    To say the words, that make it Ok to be,
    That pain, visceral, charged by the anger,
    the deep, binding, physical adrenaline.
    Alone in there, that hamster wheel mind,
    always tempted to explore a Pandora’s find.
    Once open, and rummaging through,
    then what, alone, what will I do?
    Awoke, to what this is and if I’ll be.

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    • Thank you for the artful and mindful response. Do words make it “ok to be”? Can words carry such strength? Or is it the soul behind the words… If souls we profess.
      “… and if I’ll be”

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