don’t try it

if you say you like me
     it will be discounted
     because you don’t know me

if you compliment me
     it will be ignored
     because you can’t be serious
     and therefore must be trying to humiliate me

the only people who try to get close
     are those who wish to hurt me
     and thus cannot be trusted

i will no longer be fooled
     by the smiling face
     or kind words

and, if after reading this
     you still try
     it proves your insincerity

so don’t try
     i am tired
     of dodging bullets


17 thoughts on “don’t try it

  1. Frist, let me say: I truly love your writing. You paint emotions and pain in your writing. Some writers can string aslong pretty words together. You get below the skin and into the heart.

    And you are correct, only the people close to us can hurt us.

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  2. You’re smart enough to know insincerity; you’re also smart enough to move past it. Your writing is for YOU! It makes no sense to let others impact your life unless you choose to accept their words. Be prepared, however, for ongoing compliments. Your words come from a place many are unwilling and fearful to go. People will interpret this as courageous. Courageous people receive compliments whether they seek them or not. Look at the decorated military war veterans. They’re called “HEROES” and are often repulsed by the word. Interesting dichotomy of emotions.

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    • I can understand the repulsion to ‘hero’. That would be enough to get me to think about moving to a new blog. Or quit altogether. ‘Courageous’ and/or ‘smart’ – I can deal with those simply by ignoring them. Unless a person gets extreme in their insistence, which of course just increases the level of distrust.

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