i am not empty

i am not empty
   i am filled
      with thousands of reasons
         to not be


9 thoughts on “i am not empty

      • I will NEVER question your honesty or integrity. My comment was simply meant to create awareness of a possible reality you never considered. You look at life through your own eyes. There is a pattern to your thinking that takes you down a certain path in many situations. I am trying to show you there are additional paths you may not see. Whether you choose to take them is for you to decide. I simply wanted to offer a “positive reality” I truly believe exists. It is up to you to decide whether you’re interested in considering this additional pathway or remaining exclusively on your current one.

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        • i did not think you were questioning my honesty – i was simply replying – and i appreciate more than words can express your consistency in helping me see the positive. As much as i am aware of the “other paths” available, right now i have absolutely no desire to even acknowledge them. Yes, i see life through my eyes and yes, there is a definite pattern to my train of thought, most often – as you have witnessed – to the negative. Most days i would at least consider something else. Today – as was yesterday – i am most comfortable in the pit, as strange as that may sound. i wouldn’t mind being on more level terrain and open path, but i hold no hope for it. Indeed, today – i would welcome a dead end.

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    • Thanks.
      i have learned that if i deny how i truly feel, refuse to see me as i am, it prolongs any pain of the moment and tends to hold me in that space. Only when i admit despair and defeat can the possibility even exist for a better tomorrow.
      Basically, i’ve learned it’s ok to be scared.

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