two hours of tears

Just watched Love, Valour, Compassion and cried again.

And again

Two hours of sweet misery.  Almost ten years old now … and still as powerful as when it was released.


4 thoughts on “two hours of tears

  1. A person of depth commonly experiences strong emotions. Your posting clearly displays these sentiments.
    Did you know there is a difference in tears of joy vs. tears of sorrow? Tears of laughter helps us transcend our suffering; tears of sorrow do not. Both, however, create a cathartic “cleansing” offering a physiological as well as potential psychological benefit.

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    • A new lesson … guess and old guy can learn new things, 🙂
      I didn’t realize the body/soul reacts differently based on the “source” of the tears. As for a person of depth … I’ll leave that one alone … at least for now.


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