Psychological Abuse online is real and not as easy to solve as pressing the “off” button

The truth is sometimes not what we want to see (or admit) … but it’s still truth.

Art by Rob Goldstein

Bully Free Zone

Online abuse often takes the form of communications that are insulting, threatening, devaluing, and mocking.
Psychologically abusive people are called cyber bullies when the abuse happens online.
Cyber bullies will target your online activities, communications, and friends.
They will send you repeated unwanted messages or other kinds of communication.
They will intrude themselves in your online activities and will actively defame you on social networking sites.
They will gather information from your friends and encourage others to harass you, claiming to be harassed by you.
They will also approach your friends to get information about you or to create conflict in your relationship.
Abuse is always about control.
Abusers want to control the lives and actions of the people they target.
Abusers will also use alternate accounts on social networks to stalk and harass you.
From a “Healthy Place”
How to tell when you are dealing with online abuse:

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