I am tired of getting nowhere
after miles of walking round
I am weary from the heartache
and the torment most profound

I look forward to the end-zone
when my life at last is blessed
my eyes closed in quiet slumber
in life’s final bed of rest

Do not weep for me my true friend
nor think me all alone
I have traveled the road with many
many others met and known

Yet I cannot keep believing
there are better days in store
Now all I want is sweet surrender
never hurting any more

I’ve no plan for going over
there’s no map to lead me there
but in steadfast contemplation
I wish to leave this place of cares

So I’ll just wait upon this hillside
as the sun begins to set
rethinking the need to remember
what the child chose to forget


10 thoughts on “coping

    • Outstanding video – thank you for the referral. It hit home. I think there are times contemplation gets me in trouble, but usually that’s only when I’m really procrastinating more than contemplating …


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