fear of the dark

i step into the darkness
of the hall
and my heart leaps
to my throat

my hands clench
for the unseen

i don’t need
to hear him
i know he’s there
knowing i must pass
and he
shall have me

so i tell myself
“that is the past”
but it matters not

the only solution
is to turn on the lights
but i am not a child
i will not succumb

and i walk
in the darkness
to reach the safety
and security
of my bed

then lie awake
and weep
until fatigue wins
and i am lost
in the realm of dreams
where he does
as he pleases


2 thoughts on “fear of the dark

  1. I want to yell “No No No”. That fatigue when you succumb to sleep sounds like a death — and he benefits because you’re powerless and can do as he pleases. Be kind to yourself and put the lights on next time–take care

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