If I say “good food for thought” … will you promise not to shoot me for living in punville?? At any rate – read this. GOOD stuff here!

All About Healthy Choices


Let’s face it, it’s not everyone’s goal to live the healthiest lifestyle possible. On the other hand, people do not want to develop and succumb to the diseases we face in life today. One of the problems I’ve witnessed with winning people over to following healthier lifestyles comes from a misunderstanding that life’s pleasures will need to be SACRIFICED to obtain a better quality of health. They believe the transition from current living to healthy living requires too much change and is therefore, unattainable. What does it take to modify a current unhealthy lifestyle without causing significant deprivation and a preconceived notion of likely failure?




1. For long term results to occur, an individual must create a MINDSET focused on unwavering conviction. This new focus makes the individual realize that modifying a lifestyle will create opportunities previously unavailable that add real qualitative relevance to…

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