question for the 19th

In the throes of writer’s block – decided now might be a good time to revisit this one…

survivor road

words drip
like effervescent ooze
from the nether realms
of nowhere
onto the scorching pallet
of reality

sometimes slowly
though not always
colliding with each other
they form ideas
and mysteries

and we
like the lemmings we are
follow along
as if it were natural
to have an incomplete notion
guide a sentient being
if sentient
we are

after just a short time
in this world
of upside-down rationality
and backwards intuition
one begins to wonder
is the creator here?

do words
create the writer
or is the author
the master
of his own fate
and thus
story line?

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6 thoughts on “question for the 19th

    • “the want for a sighting”
      i suppose it’s this longing to write something worth-while. something that …
      I don’t know how to explain it. It’s the feeling in my guy I have something to say but not being able to touch it – to actually say it. Maybe there are no words at all and it’s a futile case. “Blocked” is the best word I can find for this.

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