the price of new shoes

Get to pick up my new shoes and inserts today.  Seventy-eight bucks for the co-pay, much better than the price without insurance.  One of the many, MANY joys of being diabetic.

It’s rather impressive – they take an impression of the soles of my feet to be sure the inserts match my arch, etc for the best support.  And the shoes are sturdy, leather-top with a nice sole.  Comfortable, for shoes.  And extra inserts to be able to replace after six months.  I usually get extra inserts for my slippers and boots.  Might as well go all the way, no?

I hate having my feet handled, especially with the neuropathy.  And being lectured each year about trimming my own toe nails.  (They think I should be having it done “professionally” rather than doing it myself.  Too great a chance to injure my feet, I guess.)

Then Monday I get to see the doc about the cramps in my leg.

The joys of getting older with diabetes.

Such … joy.


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