the want for a sighting

in the midst
of the crowd
and yet alone
a single figure

i used to think
i wanted to be seen
i now know better

i don’t want to be seen

i want someone to want to see me

would my absence matter
for more than the flicker
of an eye
the beat of a heart
a hiccup in time

is this why
someone ends their life

if no one notices me
or wants to see me
i at least
want someone to notice
my absence

but then

it would be better
at least for me
if someone wanted to see me


5 thoughts on “the want for a sighting

      • I loved it. The creativity that is. Not in any way saying I am delighting in your feeling this way. Sorry, that was so callous of me. Most of the blogs I read are writing related, thus I automatically went into writing mode. It never occured to this buffoon that you may be writing about any feelings you may have.

        Please accept my apology. My comments were onyl meant for the power of those words.

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        • Now it’s my time to say ooops. When I said I didn’t know how to respond, it was because your words were so kind and supportive. The “self-defeater” in me just didn’t like reading it. I never thought you were saying you took pleasure in me feeling this way. I understood what you meant. All to well. And the positive effect of your words just put me at a loss. So now, please accept MY apology 🙂

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